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Artemis Hair Studio Testimonial

Gorgeous Undetectable Human air Wig For Chemotherapy Patient


Nurse, Gloria, Shares Her Hair Loss Journey

Gloria TestimonialThe three words that changed my life “you have cancer”.  My cancer journey has not been easy but thankfully after all treatments and surgeries, I’m a cancer survivor. Cancer takes a toll on the body but time heals the body but my hair was not so lucky.  Far from being my crowning glory, it became the bane of my existence.  My beautiful hair before cancer was now significantly thinner.  I tried every product on the market but nothing seems to help, my hairdresser was at a loss.

I started looking into various wig and extension options but every encounter was impersonal and lacked human compassion.  I visited Yelp, Artemis had one review, a bad one which kept me from scheduling an appointment but I asked myself “are you going to let one person keep you away”?  I made my appointment and it was the best decision!  My consultation was done in private, I met Kitsa and immediately felt comfortable and safe.  I shared my cancer experience and emotional impact of hair loss.  She listened, I cried and she made me laugh.  I knew it was going to be ok.  We discussed the hair enhancement option that would be best for me and I’m so happy with the end result.  It has restored my self-esteem, confidence and I feel pretty again.

Kitsa and the wonderful team at Artemis who go out of their way to make you feel welcomed!  If it were not for Kitsa, I don’t know what I would have done.  I’m forever grateful to have found Artemis.



Gloria T., Cancer Survivor, Nurse


Marcia’s Story and the VIP Experience at Artemis

Marcia Testimonial
“When you say, “Artemis”…what comes to my mind is “VIP treatment”. After an extensive search on head garments and alopecia treatments in Houston, my niece referred me to Kitsa. I made the call and was scheduled within a few days.

After a diagnosis of breast cancer in November of 2013, I was reeling and unsure of what to expect. With surgery and Chemotherapy on the horizon, Kitsa walked me through the initial process. She told me what my personal hair loss timelines might be. My greatest concerns were for my “professional appearance”, having very little time off and making colleagues/friends comfortable with the “NEW” me.

My head garment was ordered, shaped, incredibly colored and ready when I was. Kitsa and I shaved my head together with laughter instead of tears!! That same kind of support continues, just as my journey does.

Kitsa is a talented, creative hairstylist. Having always been extremely particular about my hair, it was important that I find someone that met my high standard. Kitsa manages to surpass my expectation, each and every time.

Kitsa has become so much more than my hairstylist. Her true value comes to me through her coaching, sensitivity and encouragement. Kitsa has become my confidant and friend.

Take the time to check out “Artemis”….you’ll be amazed at the results and the brand NEW YOU.”

— Marcia


Young Cancer Patient Looking For Natural Human Hair Wigs in Houston – Reclaims Her Identity

Beatriz Shares Her Journey

Beatrice Testimonial

I had the dreaded day where I found a lump in my breast. I immediately scheduled an appointment and had a mammogram and ultrasound. A small mass was found, but I was informed by my doctor that it was a “benign tumor”.

Two years passed and that small mass became the size of a golf ball. I knew something was wrong and convince my sister that I, should seek a second opinion. What could go wrong right?

The first appointment consisted of the usual check-up. The doctor was immediately concerned and ordered a breast ultrasound followed by a mammogram, needle ultrasound biopsy, and last an MRI. Within a week I’m given the news, “Ms. Diaz, it frustrates me to tell you that we’ve found cancerous cells in the tumor”.

My emotions are everywhere, but the most important thing is to figure out what’s the next step. I’m transferred to the best cancer treatment center in the country (MD Anderson). Within a week I’m already scheduled for my first appointment. Let’s fast forward.

A month and a half later I’m in an 8-hour surgery consisting of a right breast mastectomy with reconstruction. I thought the toughest thing would be accepting my new body, but weeks later during recovery, I’m given even worse news. During the surgery, the doctors found additional cancerous cells outside of the tumor which would require removal and testing. Results came in and the cells were found to be cancerous. Following the surgery, I hoped the most challenging parts were over, but then I was informed that chemo would be the next step in treatment.

I knew what this would mean, not only would I be facing body image issues, but now I’d be losing my hair. Everyone said, “don’t worry, your hair will grow back”. It’s so much different when you’re actually experiencing hair loss. What woman, especially at 26, wants to be without hair? That’s what makes me “ME”! Then having to explain to your 7-year-old and 3-year-old that mommy will look a little different.

My best friend and I started a “wig fund” as we knew that finding a great wig would be expensive.  Meanwhile, I read about Dr. Jennifer Arnold from “The Little Couple” and everything she’d gone through during her chemo. I come across “Artemis Hair Studio”.  I tell myself, “I HAVE to call and try this place out”.  I called and made an appointment immediately. I was so nervous, scared, and very emotional.

After meeting Kitsa, I immediately felt better and knew there was a solution.to restoring my image. She was very nice and genuine. We chose a garment and I set an appointment for a week later. It felt like forever waiting for my garment to come in even though it was only one week. At my next appointment, Kitsa cut, curled and styled my hair to my liking. I couldn’t be any happier. The whole experience was amazing.

She made restored my image and made me feel like ME again. Thank you, Kitsa! I recommend “Artemis hair studio” to EVERYONE going through hair loss due to chemo or whatever the case may be. I hope my experience will help you see that no matter your age, size or ethnicity. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful inside and out. You’re not alone.

Beatriz Diaz


Cancer Patient Working in Outside Sales Drives 3 Hours For Her Chemotherapy Hair Garment in Houston, Texas

Andrea’s Artemis Experience

Andrea Testimonial

After the realization of losing my hair had set in, I began to plan for what I would do. One day my daughters told me that there was a salon not far from MD Anderson that had experience in hair garments (that is what we called it instead of a wig☺) so we made an appointment for the next time I would be in Houston. I live 3 hrs away.

The first time I met Kitsa, I felt so much better. She spent time with me in a private room explaining to me what was going to happen to my hair in the upcoming weeks. My hair had been long for the last 40 years, so losing it all was not going to be an easy thing for me. I was most impressed by Kitsa’s knowledge of the hair garments, the process of the effects of the chemo to my hair, the measuring, color choice, length choice—-just every part of the process involved.

She certainly calmed my fears of the unknown!! I left her salon that day feeling so much better and I actually couldn’t wait until my hair garment came in because Kitsa assured me that it would look great!!!
I work in outside sales, so I was really worried about looking the same so that I would not be so self-conscious about working with my clients. When my hair garment came in, Kitsa, patiently removed my hair that was left.

I thought this was going to be so traumatic, but she made the process so comfortable. She had assured me that my garment would look almost the same as I had looked before, and I kid you not, it did!!!

She has been so helpful throughout the entire process. Now that my hair has grown back, I have decided to keep it short for now, and I drive over 3 hours for each hair appt because I truly trust her that much!!! She is awesome along with her entire staff!!

I know that day that my daughters found the hair salon, Artemis, and suggested it to me was just meant to be. Kitsa made the process that I was so fearful of into an actual pleasant experience.

Even now when I go to follow up appts and see someone going through what I did, I always tell them about my experience at Artemis and suggest that they go and see Kitsa!!!!
– Andrea


Undetectable Alopecia Wig Makes 22 Year Old Feel Beautiful Again

Kelsye’s Heartfelt Adventure

Kelsey Testimonial

I searched for salons in Dallas, LA, and Houston and this was by far the best. Many of the places who sold these specialty wigs seem to capitalize on such desperation or either the salon was unkempt and out of style. This salon has an amazing staff, building, as well as 5-star service.

I am now able to resume my life as it once was without feeling insecure about wearing a “garment”. I often forget. No one knows but I am more than happy to tell people who have experienced anything similar because I know how painful it is to look in the mirror and not see the person who you want to in the mirror. I truly love the staff and I will never forget this experience and how they cried with me and made me look so amazing. I am so happy and thank you Artemis from the bottom of my heart!”

— Kelsye


Cancer Patient Gains Self-Esteem and Fresh Start With Her Human Hair Wig (Hair Garment)

Lisa Talks About New Beginnings

Lisa Testimonial“I wanted to personally thank you guys for being a part of my journey with breast cancer! I knew I was about to undergo Chemo and I knew I would lose my hair. I had just recently lost everything we owned in a fire and my husband passed away shortly after that. I was at an all-time low already then I found out I had cancer.

I began a new journey with Javita Weight Loss Coffee and I wanted to continue my growth within the company while battling throughout my cancer treatment as well. I wanted to remain positive and be a role model to other women struggling too!

Kitsa asked me to mail her a strand of my own hair so she and her team could begin to create a custom wig for me! In the meantime I had seen “The Little Couple” episode, and I felt so connected to her journey finding you too! I remember the day I received the wig or as you say “garment”. I had just shaved my head and lost about 6 grocery bags of hair. I was crying when I opened it up and began to try it on. It was amazing, and looked just like my own hair that I had lost!

I have been able to keep my dignity and attend my local networking events and also my Javita Coffee Parties and stand tall knowing I am a survivor and can look my best because of the fine work that you (Kitsa) and Artemis did for me! I just got back from Las Vegas and our National Convention and I was proud to go on stage as a director in the company and look great thanks to you! I want to provide encouragement and hope to others as they too embark on their own personal journey! I am thankful to say that Artemis is doing a tremendous job bringing back dignity to those feeling lost at the moment. May God restore and bless each woman that comes into your salon and path!”

— Lisa


More Happy Artemis Clients

“Thank You so very much for your amazing, loving kindness that you both so graciously shared with Patti and me.
You were so beautiful to offer your time, energy and gas to drive all the way out to us, not just once but twice! It was a huge comfort to Patti.

Your visits to the house were so full of genuine sweetness. The care and concern you shared with us were uniquely touching and healing. Thank you for taking such good care of Patti as well as myself, the “caretaker”, so generously giving me a beautiful haircut at no charge! We are forever grateful! May God bless you both for blessing us so beautifully!

Thank you for being the kind, loving souls you are!”

— Karen and Patti



I had many concerns when I learned I needed chemotherapy. Certainly, I was concerned about my health and how I would handle the treatment, but I was also concerned about dealing with the emotions of losing my hair. A friend recommended I go to see Kitsa at Artemis Hair Studio and it turned out to be an excellent choice.

Kitsa not only knows her trade well but is passionate about helping cancer patients deal with the loss of their hair by preparing a beautiful, natural-looking “garment” for them to wear. I have worn my beautiful wig that Kitsa cut, highlighted and styled especially for me every day.

When I first started wearing it even my very own sister didn’t realize I was wearing a wig. Recently a friend of my husband’s who knew I was going through chemo told him that he was amazed that I still had all my hair. He didn’t realize I had been wearing a wig. Every day I am thankful that we made the choice to visit Artemis Hair Studio and to be helped by such a caring person like Kitsa.”

— Rebecca



“I just wanted to tell you about how wonderful my hair is! I wear it whenever I leave the house as my real hair really thin. It was an absolutely smooth transition and everyone who knows I have it can’t believe how much it looks like my actual hair.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

— Missy

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